Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

: When I worked run speciality, the Nike Pegasus was a shoe I’d almost inevitably bring up for runners to try on. That’s not a testament to its perfection - far more runners sent it down than bought it, in my experience - but to its broad range and longevity in the running shoe ethos. Competitive athlete looking for a high-mileage trainer? Pegasus. New runner looking for something durable and firm? Pegasus. Long time Brooks-, Asics- or Saucony-devotee looking to switch from the Ghost, Cumulus, or Ride, respectively? Pegasus. It’s such a competitive shoe - and has been for so long - that a positive review is almost an inevitability… 

But it’s also, in some ways, a curse. The Pegasus has been so competent for so many years that it’s been surpassed - from Nike itself, by the Pegasus Turbo, Epic React, and Zoom Fly Flyknit, to name a few. Is there still a place in your closet for the Pegasus 36? In covering several dozen miles in the Peg’ 36, I sure think so. It’s not perfect - and it’s definitely not flashy - but once again, Nike has struck… well if not gold, at least old reliable iron. 

Tester Profile

Michael is his 20’s and is a 1:07 half marathoner. He runs 50-60 miles per week, generally in lightweight trainers or racing flats at around 6:00-6:30 minutes/mile. 

Peter lives in Austin, Texas and is a sub 3 hour in the marathon in recent years as well as a 1:21 half marathoner. 


Michael: Firm and responsive; capable of easy transition from long miles to tempo runs; durability; loses 0.4 oz to come in just sub 9 oz.

Peter: Meat. And. Potatoes. The essence of a daily trainer. Upper is refined and lovely.


Michael: Nike has once again made a very narrow shoe; a little too firm for some; midsole can’t compare to the next-generation TPU's TPU blends, and Pebax. 

Peter: Nothing too exciting, lacks the wow factor.


 Estimated Weight: 8.9 oz / 252 g (men’s US 9)

 Official Weight  7.9 oz/224 g (women’s US 8)    


  Pegasus 36 US8.5 men’s 8.6 oz / 244g   

  Pegasus 35 US8.5 men’s: 9 oz  / 255 g 

Stack Height: 28mm heel / 18 mm forefoot

Available now, including RoadRunner Sports here

First Impressions and Fit

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

Michael: If you’ve worn the Pegasus 35, then lacing up the 36 won’t feel so foreign. The upper is a little lighter, and the tongue (thankfully) more free, but the fit of the shoe and the full-length cushioning underfoot should have you feeling right at home. If this were an Apple product, it’d be the Pegasus 35S - but S-model phone tend to bring performance and bug fixes, and Nike has mimicked that too. Nike shouldn’t lose any P35 fans on first-impressions, but should gain some new converts, too.

Peter: This feels like a nice, sensible update to an old familiar shoe. Step in is nice, materials are good and the fit is perfect. 


Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

Michael: The upper is simultaneously airy and close-knit, adding some breathability over the (adequate) P35, while maintaining a comfortable and sock-like build. 

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

It’s not a knit upper as we’ve seen on the Epic React or Zoom Fly, but in many ways it’s an improvement - adaptable to more feet, and more breathable for summer runs. 

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

The Flywire modules have been adjusted slightly by having them exit the upper lower down - whether that’s cosmetic or an improvement to lockdown, I don’t know, but I found the P36 (as with its predecessor) an easy shoe to really lock in for faster runs, without feeling the squeeze of too-tight lacing and there is no need to lace tight here.

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม
LEFT: Pegasus 35                          RIGHT:Pegasus 36

The tongue constitutes the largest improvement, here - gone is the thick, padded, and sewn-in unit which stayed in place, but irritated some runners for its inflexibility. 

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

Instead, Nike’s brought over the tongue design of its Vomero 14, and it’s a welcome change.

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม
LEFT to RIGHT: Vomero 14, Pegasus 35, Pegasus 36

Note also in the photo above the comparatively greater width and volume of the Vomero 14 (far left). While I had no complaints with the old unit, the tongue on the P36 effectively stays out of your way, and presented no issues of chafing, irritation, or slipping.

Peter: This is a class in how to make an upper. It’s simple, the materials are soft and effective, there’s no  BS tech and it laces up simply and effectively. Breathes well too. Fit for me is good, not overly narrow, true to size. The flare on the back of the heel looks good to me, stays out of the way, and provides a (non-pull-tab) way to grab the shoe when putting it on. 


Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

Michael: Unlike some of Nike’s earlier mentioned models - the Zoom Fly, Epic React, Pegasus Turbo, or even Vaporfly 4% or Next% - the midsole of the Pegasus is nothing flashy. Boring, even. Unfortunately, it’s the Pegasus’s weakest element. Fortunately, that isn’t saying a whole lot. 

Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

No, the Cushlon midsole with a full-length Zoom Air module isn’t as bouncy or responsive as the ZoomX foam toted by some of Nike’s upscale offerings, or even as fun to run in as Skechers' Hyper Burst. But the midsole here is perfectly adequate - it’s firm enough to really allow for sharp turnover when the pace gets hot, but far from uncomfortable (despite its relative lack of “marshmallow softness”) at the slow ends. If you’re accustomed to Hoka cushion or the modern New Balance Fresh Foam, you may be shocked by Nike’s offering here - but it certainly won’t come as a surprise to longtime Pegasus fans.

Peter: Not a ton to add here. It’sCushlon with zoom air. It’s smooth, it’s a nice mix of firm and cushioned and it won’t change your life. It totally works though and feels good for miles and miles.


Nike zoom pegasus 36 ดี ไหม

Michael: See the Pegasus 35 review. No, really, the outsole is identical. I ran on all terrains available to me, in all sorts of weather and paces… and had no issues. But nor did I have any in the P35 (or the P34) and both have comfortably lasted me hundreds of miles. I wouldn’t forecast any issues whatsoever with the Pegasus 36 outsole - though those really hitting the mud and a mix of roads and mellow trails and seeking a softer Peg ride and somewhat roomier upper may want to try the Pegasus 36 Trail (RTR Review)

Peter: Same, same. Love seeing the waffle pattern in the dirt. Runs well, grips well, lasts forever. 


Michael: As I described in the “Midsole” section, the Pegasus is firm-to-responsive on the cushioning spectrum. What that means in practice is that the ride produced is smooth, and readily rolls you from midfoot to forefoot without a hitch. It isn’t “bouncy,” the way I’d describe many of the next-generation TPU midsoles, like Skechers Hyperburst or Adidas Boost. Instead of the “2:1 feedback” (where you put in 1 unit of energy and get 2 units of bounce back; this is my personal formula, non-scientific!), the Pegasus is thoroughly 1:1. What you see is what you get, and sometimes that’s enough.

Peter: I’m not sure why, but the ride feels just a bit more fluid to me than the Peg 35’s. I think the changes in the upper allowed just a little more flexibility to the ride. I found the 35’s to be kind of clunky and so far I haven’t had that feeling at all in the 36’s. 

Conclusions and Recommendations

Michael: The Pegasus 36 is quietly one of my most reliable - if not outright favorite - trainers of 2019. It’s not the kind of shoe I text running buddies about, the way I would with the Vaporfly, Zoom Fly FK, or even GoRun 7 Hyper. But for thousands of runners out there, the Pegasus 36 will represent the next iteration of the right shoe. Sure, it’s the old guard. It’s no-frills, it no-fuss, and it’s a damn good trainer, new technology be damned.

Michael’s Score: 9.2/10

-0.5 for lack of innovative midsole technology

-0.3 for a narrow fit throughout the shoe, even by Nike’s standards

Peter: The Pegasus remains one of my favorite easy day trainers. They just work. Kudos to Nike for making subtle changes that keep the essential DNA of the shoe alive. 

Peter’s Score 9/10

-0.5 no major changes, no new tech

-0.5 it’s just super solid, no wow factor


Nike Zoom Pegasus 35  (RTR Review)

Peter: For some reason the 36 is more fun to run in. I still can’t figure out why. I think the upper is just more comfortable and allows the shoe to flex just a bit more. 

Michael: For the vast majority of P35 fans, the P36 will feel like a natural progression. There are elements of the 36 that feel ever so slightly race-inspired (maybe it’s the tongue and slightly narrower fit, maybe it’s a marginally bouncier midsole) that may push it over the edge for those who found the 35 boring, but they are, after all, extremely similar shoes. If you can find the Pegasus 35 on sale, you assuredly won’t be disappointed, but the 36 stands as a terrific trainer and a workhouse for nearly all high-milage runners.

NIke Zoom Pegasus 36 Trail ((RTR Review)

Those hitting the mud and snow and a mix of roads and mellow trails and seeking a softer Peg ride and somewhat roomier upper may want to try the Pegasus 36 Trail

Nike Epic React 2   (RTR Review)

Michael: I only ran in the original Epic React, but the change between the two was relatively minor. The Epic React is a terrific trainer, but the durability was lacking, and the fit was hit-or-miss. For low-volume, narrow feet, the Epic React is a great option - the Flyknit upper really was sock-like. But for most runners, the Pegasus is a more reliable, more readily-accessible option.

Peter: Not a fan of React. I felt like I stalled out on the forefoot in the React, the Peg just rolls through transisiton. 

Asics GEL-Cumulus 21   (RTR Review)

Michael: I was thoroughly unimpressed by the Cumulus 21. The upper was its strongest point - but even there, I think Nike has Asics beat. Unless you absolutely need a softer ride, the Pegasus is a better bet.

Reebok Forever Floatride Energy   (RTR Review)

Peter: Very similar to the FFE. I think it would be tough for me to tell the FFE, the Boston 8 and the Peg 36 apart in blind tests. The Nike has the best feeling upper of the bunch.

Skechers Performance GOrun Ride 7   (RTR Review)

Peter: The Nike is far firmer than the Go Run Ride 7. Totally different feel. 

Skechers Performance GOrun 7 Hyper   (RTR Review)

Michael: Quiety, the GR7H has become of my absolute favorites of 2019. The upper is quirky - often uncomfortable, with the wrong socks - but the ride is just so fun, it’s a hard shoe to deny. The Pegasus is, in many ways, the opposite. You’ll never need to worry about an uncomfortable upper, or faulty construction, but you’ll never quite have the upside available on the Hyper. If you plan on increasing your workouts, or want a shoe that can even dabble in racing, the GR7 Hyper is a better bet. If you want a reliable trainer, mile over mile, the Pegasus 36 is a terrific option.